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Karnali River Rafting.

In traditional fashion, dozens of porters carry our gear on a two-day trek into Nepal’s most isolated and least explored area, in western Nepal. Few foreigners have ventured here and it has seen little development. This is more than just a rafting trip - it is an expedition, which our guides tackle with careful logistical planning. At Grade 4 to 5 the river has a huge volume, which bullets down through canyon walls in a series of wild rapids. It is so intense that it can only be tackled at low and medium water. If you want to run it at high water than you are on your own. If you dare, the rewards are big! The banks of the river are lined with coniferous forest and, along the lower reaches, pristine jungles. River runners have reported sightings of leopard, bears, jackals, mongoose, pythons, crocodiles and even tiger prints around the camp. More elusive than the tiger, are the mysterious Raute people, a seldom seen nomadic tribe of whom little is known and less been written. Some of the top kayakers in the business were quoted as saying it is their unanimous view that this is one of the finest rafting rivers in the world. If you stay a few days at Royal Bardia National Park, then you will have put together one of the world’s best combined rafting and trekking trips.

About 20-22-hour bus journey to Kalyandada from Kathmandu via Birendranagar, Surkhet west Nepal. Alternatively, an hour flight to Nepalgunja in additional cost then 8-hour bus journey again. From Kalyandada again 2-hour trek to the put-in point at Kareleghat or drive to new starting point Dungeshwor. The 180 km river action takes 6 - 7 day and after end the trip transportation will be provided from the take-out point at Chisapani to drive back either Pokhara (10-12 hour) or Kathmandu (15 hour) or transfer to Nepalgunja airport to fly back or you may stop at Bardiya National Park for wildlife activities. The Wild West classic Karnali one consider as longest river of Nepal. The Karnali River rafting combined with some of the most beautiful canyons found in Nepal and a wide variety of biodiversity including dense forests, wild lives and traditional remote villages. After the monsoon rapids are demanding and huge so the rafting there is an unique expedition trip and wildness experience. The river rises from the marginal Himalayan range of Tibet and flowing down to the southern direction to fall into Gangaes, which entered in Nepal from Humla district and cut the Mahabharat mountain near by Chisapani.


Itinerary in Detail

Day 01: We meet at the office or we pick you up at your hotel in Kathmandu at 7 am with your bags ready to go. This is a long bus journey, so be prepared with water etc. We travel to the far west and arrive in Surkhet very late/early hours of the morning; you are able to have a sleep here.

Day 02: After breakfast, we will take a truck as far as the road goes until about lunch time [this all depends on availability be flexible]. After lunch we walk all afternoon to the put-in point at Syauli. A great walk which high lights just how "out there" you really are. You pass local villages and spectacular scenery, and then you hit the river.

Day 03: The river gives the team time to build and there is enough challenging rapids and water flow for learning errors. We still manage to get at least one great class 4 rapid in. We camp and get excited about tomorrow.

Day 04: This is the type of day that people imagine when they think of Himalayan water. It is BIG and it is continuous. We enter into the Jungle Corridor. This is a narrowing jungle clad gorge and it is all ours. The team building is put into full practice and when your guide shouts "all forward " he really means it. Enjoy the ride all day and camp in this sensational setting.

Day 05: More of the same including the notorious GOD'S house rapid.

Day 06: It isn't over yet ! Keep paddling hard ! You really are experiencing the best of the west on yet another day of great action and breath taking scenery.

Day 07: This is a holiday after all so we have programmed a rest day so you can take time to enjoy your surroundings and relax on a great sandy beach.

Day 08-09: We see the rapids dying off as we come out of the gorge. We pass the confluence with the Seti River where the river broadens. Today, the next day and a half are a chance to enjoy your journey admiring the country and villages you pass. You will have seen the safety kayakers in action and will no doubt be inspired, so ask the guides for some supervised instruction, or take over the raft and learn about the river. You see there is more to a rafting expedition than just rafting.

Day 10: We come to the end of our journey at about lunchtime where our bus will be waiting to collect us. Those who have booked to go to Bardia National Park [highly recommended] will be collected from here as well. Or one can proceed to their own onward journey.

Day 11: We arrive back at Kathmandu in the early morning of the eleventh day and rest at hotel. After that you may use your rest of time to buy souvenir in Kathmandu.

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